Monday, July 27, 2015

Skeleton riding a coffin skateboard

I originally tried to draw this in 2008, but I left my sketchbook containing the first skateboarding skeleton image on top of my car, and then drove off. I didn't know it at the time, but all of my art flew into the road when I hit the first curve. Several hours later I realized what happened and hunted down my roadkill artwork. There wasn't much left of it.

About a year ago I saw the scrap of paper that had my first skateboarding skeleton rough sketch, and I decided that I still liked the idea and was finally ready to take another shot at finishing it.

Here is my most recent drawing:
...And here is the first drawing that got run over by traffic (oops!):

I used to love to skate, but after several years, I fell really hard and I realized (for the first time ever) that skating was dangerous and I was not invincible. 

Thanks to all the people who went skating with me back in SB. Those were some good times.


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  2. Do you have an Instagram? I just had you image tatted on me. I’d love to give you credit for your work.