The point of this project was to capture and study movement on a still frame in the style of Futurist Photodynamism. I used an old 35mm camera, exposing each film for around 1-4 seconds per shot. I then switched to a pinhole camera and lengthened my exposure time to 3 hours per shot.

The pinhole shots
were originally exposed with the black and white inverted, and the image flipped (like a negative). I later fixed this in Photoshop and attached a second view of each image. The original shots are shown before the Photoshop-enhanced views.

Click this link to see the original Futurist Photodynamism Manifesto by Anton Giulio Bragaglia.

Movement: Eyebrows (test strip)

35mm camera — 1-4 second exposures:
Movement: Arc

Movement: Jumping

Movement: Adduction

Movement: Rolling

Pinhole camera — 3 hour exposures:
Movement: Uneven perpetual motion

Movement: Hour hand moving from 7-10 p.m.

Movement: Even perpetual motion

* Special thanks to model, Eddie Macintosh. *