The Woe Within, Cartoon

This cartoon was made in my free time during the years 2007-2011. Technically it is not even done, as a few intended components never got off the drawing board. The missing materials include an epic second song called "The Woe Within," and a zany invention/advertisement.

1: Doggy-Anne: Interspecies Marriage
2: Nelse & Nils, Vaudevillians 
3: Jerome Ignacio Petard: Master Painter
    Intermission: Skeleton Song Of Pitiful Sadness"
4: Sardius: Portrait Of A Man, Part I
5: Sardius: Portrait Of A Man, Part II

Shift-click and use the magnification tool to see larger versions of the images.

Doggy-Anne: Interspecies Marriage, notes: 
Sources of inspiration for this story include Beatrix Potter and Edgar Allan Poe.

Nelse & Nils, Vaudevillians, notes: 
I'm just trying to make fun of Vaudeville a little bit, that's all. There is no deeper meaning and the joke is TERRIBLE — that's the point.

Jerome Ignacio Petard: Master Painter, notes: 
This cartoon is about the creative impulse and the silliness of us creative people in general. Look for references to Shakespeare. 

Sardius: Portrait Of A Man, Part I, notes:
The Sardius hairstyle was inspired by Tilo Wolff of Lacrimosa. 

Sardius: Portrait Of A Man, Part 2, notes: 
Part 2 was influenced by the idea of the "Spirit Walk" — which to some people means taking peyote and meditating in the desert. Deceased Finnish painter Viljo Gustafsson made a mark on this story as well.