Zombies Cartoon

To complete this project I spent an entire month drawing, printing, cutting, gluing, measuring, binding, writing cheesy dialogue, and learning computer programs. It was the most difficult project of my entire college experience due to time constraints (I only had one month). My second cartoon was made during the course of a few years (2007–2011) because I had no such deadline. 

1: Zombies
2: Dr. Wöösche, Psychiatrist
3: Dinner With The Count
4: Ballade To Whitestein 

Shift-click and use the magnification tool to see larger versions of the images.

Zombies, notes:
When I first decided to make a zombie story, I asked around to see if anyone actually knew anything useful about them. I was told that there is often a sick zombie love conflict (a loved one who is changing), and there is also usually a person who begins to enjoy killing zombies. I then watched Shaun Of The Dead a few times, and decided it was time to get to work.


Dr. Wöösche, Psychiatrist notes:
A former friend of mine was convinced that he was the inspiration for the first patient of Dr. Wöösche. It still bothers me slightly that he thought I would make fun of his misery. The fact is, that the cartoon was made a few weeks BEFORE I met him.

Dinner With The Count, notes:
This one is mostly an exaggeration of the average family. MOSTLY.

Ballade To Whitestein, music notes:
Ballade To Whitestein is a simple song created with Super Nintendo's own Mario Paint — to be played on the organ setting (orange cars). It could also be played with any other musical instrument capable of playing multiple notes, of course.